Clare WoodhamWelcome To Yoga Napier

The core of yoga training is returning to simplicity of desires and appreciation of the deep nourishment of breath. Receiving teachings from many teachers and styles, Clare offers Yoga Classes for relaxation into the breath and being.

Clare Woodham, a registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist graduated from Victoria University Wellington in 1976 and gained a Diploma in Natural Therapies in 1987 from South Pacific College in Aucklandand runs her practice in Hawkes Bay. The Study of Naturopathy  is a natural extension of her early interest in Yoga, with its foundations of Inner Health, Simple Living and Expansion of Consciousness.

Hatha Yoga

offers people a way to align and cleanse the body to become a steady and strong container of the mind. Weekly classes with a teacher, support the person into a simple daily routine of movements and poses on the mat to keep the spine, limbs and organs of the body in harmony with each other. Relaxation at the beginning and end of each sessions  class is a gentle reminder to return to a state of relaxation throughout the busy day.

Ashtanga Yoga

is a deeply revitalizing and strengthening style of hatha yoga.  It works vigorously into the body systems, through an intense awareness of body alignment and holds  in the poses and sequences. Once the person is familiar with the practices and sequences of this yoga style,  the session becomes a self-paced moving body meditation.

Natural Remedies, Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Within her thriving practice Clare also teaches meditation and mindfullness training in 8- week courses these techniques are a powerful tool for change. It is an eyes-open meditation technique enabling Mindfulness to develop within the meditation session and be carried into the rest of life.

To make appointments and book sessions please use the contact form  and Clare will be in touch with you.  To learn about the full extent of her practice please visit her site Clare Woodham